01 January 2005

Welcome to wfour.com

Who is, What is WFour?

WFour was created out of boredom in early 2005 by a highly selective group of well-educated, well-travelled and well-placed correspondents based around the globe and constantly circling it. Some are type-A bankers, some are fast talking Hollywood agents, some work for NGOs others are drunks, models, or just plain insane. We believe that good intel comes from all sources as long as they are trusted. No one at W4 claims to be a journalist and as such we feel no need to post by-lines on the site or any additional information. It is for our reference and those of other educated minds and not for mass market consumption. It is for those of us who have been there, done that, and require more, MUCH MORE! Ladies and gentlemen, we are here for you.
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