09 June 2005

Fizz and Cips

Borris reports on the closing of Cipriani's:

"With the closing of the Cipriani, where do the high-end hookers and old men who love them go?

It was Bruno's but only very briefly, and now with the food shotty at best and no-smoking in full effect, the crowd has gone to nil.

Now, the spot for the Park Avenue level call-girls and their shriveled-up sugar daddies is Fizz. The dining room entertains the most wonderfully shady of crowds (granted the food is overpriced garbage - the food at Chippers was much better). You will find hookers, philandering old world Latin American moguls, wannabe Mafiosos, cellphone chatting Lebanese dealmakers, and of course a smathering of Versace and Bulgari clad Russians for good measure. After dinner, the downstairs members club is where things get even crazier once this crowd starts popping bottles and truly causing a ruckus. Wednesday and Thursdays are for the true afficionados, weekends attract too many blazered (male and non paid-to-play) youngsters."

+Bruno Jamais, 24 E 81st, New York +1 212 396 3444.
+Fizz, 137 East 55th Street, New York +1 212 755 7055.
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